Our Mission

PANOPLY OFFICIAL, also known as PANOPLY itself,  is an European unisex ready-to-wear streetwear brand established in 2022. PANOPLY OFFICIAL was founded on a message of unity, work and progress. The core and motto of the country: Burundi, as well as the meaning of the 3 stars centered in the official flag. The importance of Burundi’s implementation in the storytelling of PANOPLY is vital in our thought process in our every move when we create. For a country as small as Burundi, that is often overseen - we are people that speak love, faith and self-improvement out loud. As well as understanding that rejection is redirection and to always walk triumphantly, which is the slogan of PANOPLY OFFICIAL. Motivating phrases that you carry with you, when you wear our crafts -  every single piece have our official labels stitched with the numbers: 3°25’35.04”S, 29°55’50.88”E . The exact geographical coordinates and stands for Burundi. The representation of the country defines the brand’s visual signature and brand identity.

Launched in 2022, admired by leading figures in the entertainment business, worn by several artists on stage, in permanent projects and worn for personal use, we are proud of collaborating with artists such as: Diamond Platnumz, Lina Rafn, Vald Sullyvan, Omah Lay, L.A.X, 1dabanton, Kaaris Officiel, Hiro Officiel, Kaaris Official, football player Khouma Babacar and the list goes on… 

Not only have we grown a presence with celebrities, but also in magazines with the swedish based fashion platform and magazine Odalisque, being our debut coverage during Copenhagen Fashion Week. With PANOPLY’s natural growth, we aim to see our pieces hanging in your local high fashion streetwear stores . PANOPLY is an exponentially growing brand that dreams bigger everyday. Together, we will all win. So keep walking triumphantly, and don’t forget that Rejection is redirection . Better is coming !

We are PANOPLY .